Rachel’s Blog Tour

Rachel’s Blog Tour has been finished and I’ve got a lot of great reviews, some were very positive and some were not but they’ve been all useful for me. I’d like to say massive thank you to Rachel to organise it and the reviewers to spend their valuable time to read my book and to give me wonderful comments and genuine feedback.

One of the interesting ideas was to replicate Hana’s cakes and food that she made in the book. I’m not sure if I can get Hokkaido double cream and Kyoto Uji green tea here in the UK (haha), but I’m thinking of making Hana’s signature cakes such as Bourbon chocolate cake or green tea Swiss role cake or savoury food like Toppoki etc. and share them on this blog. Any thoughts or preference?

Here are some of the highlights and you can read full reviews by clicking the links below.

Lucy Mitchell : “I love the message the author was conveying through this book; food and love brings people together. The standout for me was this fabulous concept of a young woman baking fabulous things to eat, getting on her bike and hand delivering her scrumptious goodies for people in need of a bit of love.”

Previously Unread: “Lee’s writing was beautiful in this book, it was lyrical and I could see the world perfectly in my head. The way Lee describes food in this book honestly had my stomach rumbling and I certainly consumed lots of cake during my reading sessions! I really enjoyed the way it occassionally flipped to Jin or Hikaru and found that it really added to the depth of the story, in particular finding out why Jin ran away from his own life was both heartbreaking and eye opening.”

Based on a True Story: “This is a gentle story about making a community around you regardless of your circumstances. More than anything else everyone in this book loves food. Every chapter is named for a food that features in it. There aren’t recipes but everything anyone makes is described lovingly. They talk about the wonderfulness of a tomato or strawberry or apple. She tastes ingredients and dreams up baked goods that would show them off best. This book could make you hungry.”

Booky Charm: “There has been quite a lot of doom and gloom in the world of late and I feel like this book was the perfect antidote to it. The blurb of the book doesn’t give much away and it meant that I was able to discover its delights as if I was slicing through layers of soft, dreamy sponge.”

What Irin Reads: “What a refreshing read! I felt all sorts of emotions while reading The Tokyo Bicycle Bakery. Being stuck at home during a pandemic can be a major mood downer, which is why books like The Tokyo Bicycle Bakery are our heroes. The book transported me to the beautiful setting of Tokyo, and saying that I just felt “happy” being there through the pages of a book might be an understatement. It’s rare to find contemporary books which have such an atmospheric touch to the story. Kudos to the author, Su Young Lee, for giving me a very realistic tour through Tokyo in a little amount of time.”

Brianne’s Book Reviews: “The Tokyo Bicycle Bakery is not a standard romance, but it is offbeat, and magical and reading it was loads of fun! The plot was intriguing and the pacing was zippy and brisk. For me, though, the icing on the cake was definitely the mouthwatering and scrumptious sounding foodie references! There were so many that I kept on changing my mind as to which sounded the most appealing, but I eventually settled on the Toshikoshi soba (buckwheat noodles) and shrimp tempura. I also liked the sound of the warm bags of Taiyaki (fish-shaped pancakes) filled with chocolate custard.”

Faith Noelle: “I always enjoy reading a nice, sweet romance, but I wasn’t prepared for how much I enjoyed reading this truly sweet story, this romance with a small touch of magical realism. A book is also strong when the side characters also leave a real impact. I found each of the friends Hana makes along the way to be memorable and interesting, and I enjoyed watching the impact they had on her and vice versa. I especially loved Ms. Kawanami, a stubborn old Japanese woman whose somewhat sassy relationship with Hana is absolutely heartwarming.”

Nurse Bookie: “Tokyo is such a lovely city and one of my most favorite places to visit, so when given the opportunity to read this book, I was immediately drawn to it, and I am glad to have had the chance to read this fantastic book I loved from cover to cover that I could not get enough of. The story is beautiful and is deep with a lot of emotion and understanding of relationships. It’s about following your heart wherever it may lead you and accepting fate and whatever is to come next. With some magic, love, adventure and food, you are bound to love something about this book, and I loved it all!”

Reading Tonic: “The Tokyo Bicycle Bakery was such a delightful read, sweet, delicate, a perfect combination of a coming of age story and romance. Food descriptions are such an essential part of this book that any reader who loves carefully choosing and trying out new dessert recipes would feel in heaven.”

Kraftireader: “The Tokyo Bicycle Bakery is a sweet, endearing romance that has a touch of magic and mystery about it. We follow Hana on her journey of enlightenment in life and love and I was charmed by this endearing story. The bakes Hana creates sounded absolutely delicious and I was in awe of her ingenuity. I also enjoyed reading about the Japanese culture surrounding food and tea and I found myself googling for more information regarding the teas and produce used.”

Dash Fan Book Reviews: “I thoroughly enjoyed this heartwarming, sweet and endearing romance. It’s the perfect read to escape the outside chaos. A word of warning do not read this on an empty tummy!! I made that mistake. :)”

Well, thank you for reading this post. I’ve read them all again and wow, what an emotional roller coaster it has been. I hope this helps you to have a good sense what the book is about and please share your comments if you’ve read it. xx

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