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Rachel’s Blog Tour

Rachel’s Blog Tour has been finished and I’ve got a lot of great reviews, some were very positive and some were not but they’ve been all useful for me. I’d like to say massive thank you to Rachel to organise it and the reviewers to spend their valuable time to read my book and toContinue reading “Rachel’s Blog Tour”

Writing/marketing note

Facebook Ads has been started for The Tokyo Bicycle Bakery this morning. Hopefully it will reach out to more audience. Good news: I’ve got an email from an editor from a major publisher saying they enjoyed my book and are interested in my second book. How flattering. I don’t know how long it will takeContinue reading “Writing/marketing note”

Linc and Church

Linc and Church are both keen on ping pong. Whenever they hear the sound of it, they jump out of the bush or somewhere in the garden, sit on the bench and watch us to play it. They sit back, relax, sometimes sniff or lick the ball jumped out of the arena, they just needContinue reading “Linc and Church”

Writing Note

I’ve got lovely reviews on GoodReads this week: here. “This is more than your usual food centric quirky novel.” ” The book is such a treat- I laughed, I felt moved, I was happy and sad.”  It’s fascinating to have feedback from readers. I’ve signed up for a blog tour, NetGalley and some other marketing promotionsContinue reading “Writing Note”


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